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Yoga on Rocks

Accessible Yoga Retreat in Greece


Group Tour: Chania Crete 


10.-17 May 2024

Sold out


15.-22 September 2024


GROUP TOURS I Booking Code GRU01 I 24

Relaxing by the crystal clear water, tasting the beautiful Greek culture and lifestyle, disconnecting from a busy life, and unwinding through yoga…let’s give a nice treat to yourself, a bit extra to doing already so well every day!

Yoga is truly a PRACTICE FOR ALL with a range of benefits to our overall well-being as our bodies change, age, and handle various health challenges.  ​We all deserve to practice in whatever state we find our body or mind. Therefore, CAREUNDERSUN offers a simple, clear, and carefully adaptable practice by our specialized and experienced accessible yoga teacher during the retreat.

Regardless of ability, state of health, or body type we want to share the practice of yoga with people of all abilities and backgrounds. Taking the advantage of yoga with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits, we invite you to our first accessible yoga retreat in beautiful Chania, Greece.

We at CAREUNDERSUN believe that we all have an equal right to access a safe space and take a moment to be mindful of ourselves. Everyone dreams about a relaxing holiday at the beach, and it is achievable with the accessibility that fits individuals' needs. You might imagine that yoga is difficult for you, but this practice can be also experienced by everyone, no matter what their physical ability is. The matter is that “yoga” is the state when mind-body-soul is united. When your mind is calm and your heart is at peace, that is “yoga”. By combining accessible holiday facilities, diverse yoga practices, and a beautiful way of Greek living, we are sure that you will experience a mindful moment for the whole week.

The Program

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Day 1


  • Meet & greet at the airport of Chania, Crete.

  • Accessible transfer to the retreat (vehicle with ramps).

  • Check-in at the hotel and enjoy an evening dinner at the restaurant.

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Day 2

Introduction - The benefits of yoga

  • Start the day with a welcome morning meditation before enjoying your breakfast.

  • Learn about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

  • Afternoon relax on at the accessible beach.

  • Dinner in the retreat.


Day 3

Yoga and the sea 

  • Welcome the new day with a morning meditation on the beach. Afterwards enjoying energizing breakfast.

  • ​Afternoon exploration of the retreat surroundings. 

  • Practice sunset yoga in the afternoon.

  • Dinner in the retreat.

Image by Andreas Pajuvirta

Day 4

Excursion to Chania

  • After our morning meditation and breakfast we'll head to the amazing beautiful city of Chania and enjoy a walk around the old town, the harbor and Chania's lighthouse and end it with a visit the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

  • This is followed by a relaxation on the beach of Agios Apostolis, a small bay on the outskirts of Chania town as well as enjoying a lunch in a typical Greek taverna (not included).

  • We will return to the Retreat for dinner. 

Day 5


The Health Benefits of CRETAN food 

  • Our morning meditation routine starts with welcoming the the day and enjoying breakfast in the retreats gardens. The local products and ingredients will be the topic of the day, as we learn the benefits of Mediterranean cuisine. 

  • We end the day with cooking together special local dishes. 

  • Enjoying the sunset at the sea. 


Day 6

Experience the power of Mindfulness 

  • Start the day with meditation and yoga  before breakfast.

  • You will learn  how to implement yoga practice in an everyday routine.

  • The sunset yoga will be the perfect closing of the day.

  • BBQ night at the retreat.

Image by iSAW Company

Day 7

Excursion to Rethymno 

  • Our morning meditation routine starts with welcoming the day and enjoying breakfast in the retreat. 

  • Afterwards we will visit the city center and take a  walk around the medieval buildings and enjoy the views of the Venetian Castle. You  will have the chance to enjoy the afternoon here and have lunch. (not included)

  • Dinner at the Retreat. 

CR11 (7).jpg

Day 8

Time to say good-bye

After breakfast we depart to the International Airport of Chania. 

Accessibility & Suitability

Yoga 5.jpg
  • Transportation with ramps (manual or hydraulic)

  • Accessible rooms

  • Well trained staff to assist you during the days 

  • Carefully prepared program

  • Accessible excursions 

  • Certified Accessible Yoga instructor

  • Small group

  • Individuals with limited mobilities (walkers & wheelchair users)

  • Individuals with amputations

Meet our Yoga Teacher - RIN

Rin was born in Japan and with a journey of experiences after living in different countries, she settled at the heart of Europe in Belgium. After she obtained an academic degree in sport sciences, especially adapted physical activity, Rin started her yoga journey in 2016 by studying yoga in Nepal. She follows her passion by creating an inclusive space where everyone with or without disabilities has a chance to be mindful, feelat  peace, and achieve an active lifestyle through yoga. Moreover, she acts to spread the mystical power of yoga to as many people as possible. Doing what she loves, she daily teaches yoga to people with different needs. Rin is looking forward to sharing her experience in yoga with you in Greece!​

3. Rin.jpg

Accommodation in the Retreat 

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CR11 (14).jpg
CR11 (7).jpg

Location: Crete

Star Rating: 3 ***

Accessibility: Good

This Family Hotel is an inclusive haven in Chania, designed and constructed with the utmost consideration for individuals with unique needs and mobility challenges. The hotel prides itself on being accessible and accommodating for wheelchair users, providing safety and ease for families seeking memorable holidays.


The suites are meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between accessibility and relaxation. The location is not only picturesque but also offers an ideal setting for family vacations, catering to individuals with disabilities and children and people of all ages.

The main purpose of this hotel is to provide exceptional holidays in Chania, Crete, tailored to individuals with special needs, making sure that the specially designed hotel facilities guarantee that wheelchair users can savor a delightful and comfortable experience.


The apartments are eco-friendly and adhere to the highest safety standards and boast amenities comparable to those found in premier city hotels. With an emphasis on the bio-climatic design of the spaces, guaranteeing a consistently pleasant and healthy indoor environment, and maintaining a steady temperature throughout the year.

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Dates & Price

     Dates                            Booking Code 
Duration                 Price p.p. 

 10.May - 17.May 2024            GRU01-04 

 8 days                       999 €

 15 Sep -  22 Sep 2024            GRU02-04 

 8 days                       999 €

Room categories 

Accommodation in triple room/ Price per person         

Price  per person includes VAT and service fee 

Services included

  • Meet & greet at the airport of Chania

  • Accessible transfer to the retreat (vehicle with ramps)

  • Daily yoga / meditation classes by specialized trainer 

  • Workshop "yoga in my life"

  • Assistance by CareunderSun team

  • 7 x overnights in booked room category

  • 7 x breakfasts with local products

  • 6 x dinners at the retreat 

  • Accessible transfer back to Chania Airport

  • 2 half day excursions

Additional services

  • Transfer to the retreat (if arrival after 3pm) 

  • Lunch options at the retreat

  • Excursions around the island 

  • Rental of aid equipment at the retreat

  • Flights


  • Yoga praxis for any level (asana, meditation, breathing exercise, relaxation)

  • Mindfulness workshops (crafting, painting, goal setting etc)

  • Greek culture (language, food, wine, music)

  • Excursions to Chania

  • Excursion to Rethymno

  • Ancient Greece night

  • Farewell dinner

  • Time to relax 

  • Meet new friends

Equipment for yoga

We ask you to bring: comfortable clothes and your own yoga mat if you have a specific one.

Basic equipment such as blankets, cushions, and mats will be provided.

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