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  • Can I take a disabled holiday in Greece?
    Persons with a disability and health impairments can take disabled holidays in Greece! Disabled holidays in Greece are becoming increasingly popular and the amount of accessible holiday options is increasing. Recently many hotels and restaurants are redesigning their interiors to be wheelchair accessible, whilst local authorities are making public beaches in Greece accessible for disabled holidays.
  • Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced disabled holiday?
    CareunderSun offer reasonably priced disabled holidays with a range of certified services and accommodation for disabled people with a range of accessibility needs. We aim to provide the opportunity for people requiring disabled access to holiday in Greece, even on a lower budget.
  • Can disabled get a discount for carer on holiday?
    CareunderSun offers up to 50% discount for carers on holiday when accompanying a person with care needs.
  • Where can I do disabled holidays?
    Disabled holidays can be done in Greece. It is becoming a popular destination for holiday makers with accessibility needs. We offer certified hotels with wet rooms, accessible cars /WAV, dialysis support, Hotels with SEATRAC proximity for autonomous access to the sea and group holidays. The most popular destinations for sea and sun holidays are on the big islands like Rhodes, Crete or Corfu. But more and more travelers are discovering the small islands where barrier-free holidays are possible. Not forgetting the mainland with its cultural and historical treasures and the beautiful beaches along the coastline. City breaks are particularly popular during the winter season and both Athens and Thessaloniki are great destinations.
  • Can I get a holiday for my disabled child?
    Holidays for families with a disabled child are possible all around in Greece, as we have a range of accommodation forms and family resorts with accessibility certified facilities.
  • Can you get discount for kids on disability on holidays?
    There is a discount for kids on disability on holidays offered for bookings made with CareunderSun.
  • Do cruise holidays cater for disabled?
    Cruise holidays cater for disabled travelers and accessible shore excursions are available around the ports in Greece.
  • How can I find holiday cottages that have disabled facilities?
    CareunderSun offers a range of villas and holiday cottages that have disabled facilities and are accessibility certified.
  • How to arrange disable transport on holiday?
    Accessible transfers and disable transport on holiday in Greece can be easily arranged with us. Hadapted vehicle with ramps can be arranged around the popular destinations in Greece for a transfer from the airport of your door-to-door transfer.
  • How to have a holiday when disabled?
    CareunderSun aims to arrange the best possible holidays for persons when disabled according to their preferences, needs and budget.
  • Can I hire disability scooters on holiday in Greece?
    You can hire disabled scooters on holiday at many different destinations around Greece including Athens.
  • Do you book the ferry to Mykonos or any other island?
    Yes, if you want us to book any ferry tickets, we will.
  • If needed, do you know any wheelchair repair shops while in Greece?
    We know some repair shops in Athens. In other areas or islands it would be a bit complicated to find.
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