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Accessible Diving in the Mediterranean

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Enjoy accessible diving in  Greece

CareunderSun in Association with diving companies in Greece offer you the possibility to discover the transformative power of scuba diving! Experience a world of freedom and limitless possibilities, regardless of your abilities. Scuba diving has proven to be an incredible social and physical stimulation for individuals with disabilities, providing an opportunity to interact in a near weightless state. With the right equipment and training, you'll break free from the limitations of land and dive in a realm where obstacles simply vanish. Dive into a life-changing adventure and unlock your true potential today! Join us and embrace the extraordinary with scuba diving!

Accessible Watersports in Greece

Scuba Diver

Assisted Diving

Enjoy our accessible assisted scuba diving lessons with our professionals.

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Start exploring the sea world in Greece with our accessible snorkeling assisted sessions .

Where in Greece?

Most of the accessible diving is offered in the Athens Riviera in the Attica Region, close to Athens. If you have a different destination in Greece, we would be able to process your request for accessible diving sessions on request.

How to start diving?

We want you to enjoy the best of your Greek holidays with us. In order to dive into the Mediterranean you need to:

  • Be 10 years or older

  • Have a signed statement from a physician (please contact us to send you the appropriate form)


The benefits for diving for people with accessibilities

Physical Rehabilitation:

Diving provides a unique form of physical therapy by allowing individuals to move in a near weightless environment by reducing the strain on joints and muscles, making it an ideal activity for individuals with mobility challenges.

Psychological Well-being:

Diving promotes a sense of freedom and empowerment, allowing individuals to escape the constraints of their disability. The tranquil underwater environment can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing self-confidence and overall well-being.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility:

The water's resistance helps improve range of motion and flexibility, enabling individuals to strengthen their muscles and increase joint mobility. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with conditions such as cerebral palsy or spinal cord injuries.

Sensory Stimulation:

The underwater world is rich in vibrant colors, fascinating marine life, and unique sounds. Scuba diving stimulates the senses, providing a multi-sensory experience that can be particularly beneficial for individuals with sensory disabilities.

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