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Holiday Assistance & Care Services


Our Holiday Assistance Network

If there comes a time in someone's life when the thought of vacationing seems too difficult due to disability, age, or not having a travel companion, let CareunderSun take the strain.

When you know that everything is taken care of, you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation to the fullest.

CareunderSun has a network of medical professionals and holiday caregivers, and we look forward to finding the perfect solution for your needs at your chosen destination in Greece.

We provide holiday assistants for the elderly or people with disabilities to enable them to have a holiday. A holiday assistant accompanies and looks after you. In order to understand your needs and preferences, we would like to arrange an online meeting with you to get to know your holiday plans better and provide you with the right offer.

The costs for holiday care depend on the time of the holiday, the duration of the holiday, and the amount of care required.

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