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“Humans, not places, make memories.”
― Ama Ata Aidoo


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“We spent 2 weeks in Rhodes with a group of family and friends. The hotels, excursions and dialysis coordination were excellent and the trip ran seamlessly.”

Lily | France

Our travelers are seniors mostly over the age of 75. We need to consider many aspects when traveling. As a partner of CareunderSun we are here to make good experiences. The choice of hotels is very important when thinking about the needs of the travelers. Additional aid equipment is always delivered to the rooms on the day of arrival. All the staff (drivers and guides) are very well trained. We are extremely happy with the organization of our partner in Greece.

Stephen P. | Germany

Our patients often start asking about our next trip on vacation dialysis, from the moment we return. The experiences we have made in Rhodes, Crete and Corfu have been very positive and good. The staff of CareunderSUn was always available and caring. That made the time for all of us enjoyable and relaxing. The compliments go as well to the dialysis facilities that prove to be very good and professional. Greece remains in our travel plans for the future.

Ann-Louise | Luxembourg

“It was magical and we absolutely loved the itinerary that CareunderSUn put together for us. We went to 5 different hotels around the mainland and were fortunate enough to see many different places, sights etc.. Memorable! Our members that needed dialysis treatments have been received by the facilities with a lot of care and respect and the medical experience was very professional. The dialysis facilities are very modern, well organized and the staff was extremely attentive. Also the payment was made easy and directly with the insurance companies. Never have imagined that multidays with dialysis patients could be so easy and safe. Thank you.”

Sarah | Belgium

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