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Travel Information you need to know


Accessible means accessible to all.


Accessible Tourism 

Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products, and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical or intellectual limitations, disabilities or age. 



With every service and destination offered, CreunderSun aims to provide seamless experiences by collecting reliable information and details based on standards. To avoid disruption or negative surprises for our travelers during their vacation, offering maximum comfort and enjoyment.


Our many years of international experience in the tourism industry, regular training and further education, is what makes us the experts for barrier-free tourism in the eastern Mediterranean today.



The certification system “Travel-for-All” that was developed in Germany, aims to collect, evaluate and provide detailed and reliable information. People with disabilities and mobility limitations need the details, when making their travel plans and decisions. Consultations with the affected disability associations and travel industry stakeholders supported the development of the system criteria and associated training.


ISO/IEC Guide provides guidance to standards developers on addressing accessibility requirements and recommendations in standards that focus, whether directly or indirectly, on systems (i.e. products, services and built environments) used by people.


Hotel Rooms and Villas

At CareunderSun, each property listed has been inspected and details have been collected. All accommodation, room or villa information that we provide has been carefully checked and evaluated by a trained team member.


Hotels for Dialysis Holiday 

In combination with our medical partners, we have a choice of accommodation with easy access to the dialysis units in each destination, as well as medical services to ensure the highest level of safety. This interaction of medical and tourism infrastructure puts Greece in a leading position among other destinations for dialysis travelers.

This gives us the advantage of offering the cheapest packages with full flexibility and service guarantees, even for groups.

Accessible Beach Holidays 

If you want to enjoy your vacation swimming in the sea, the SEATRAC is a great opportunity for you. We are happy to offer packages with transfer and accessible accommodation. The selection of hotels that are close or a short distance from the beaches are with verified accessibility information. Around Greece you can find close to 150 beaches that are fitted with Seatrac annually ( It allows you easy access to the beach and autonomous swimming in the sea.


Specialized and trained staff will ensure that all airport procedures, whether arrival, transit or departure, or during excursions are stress-free and proceed as smoothly as possible. More specifically, the staff:  

  • has experience and understands the needs of persons with different needs,

  • will facilitate with (un)boarding the transportation, 

  • take care of the wheelchair or push the wheelchair. 


For safety reason's restroom assistance is not provided.


Trained members of our team who escort guests during the excursions will check the logistics of the excursions and will know the excursion program giving the best advice to the guests


The best wheelchair accessible beaches in Greece are located all over the islands and mainland coast. Each offers  wheelchair users the ability to use wooden walkways to navigate the terrain and even transfer from the sand to the sea with the use of Seatrac.



Found out more about SEATRAC - the autonomous access to the sea in Greece at 150 beaches (2021)

Celiac Diet
Celiac diet in Greece

In Greece, following a celiac diet as a tourist is easy. Greek cuisine emphasizes fresh, gluten-free ingredients like vegetables, fruits, fish, and lean meats. Traditional dishes such as souvlaki, Greek salads, and grilled seafood are safe choices. Many Greek restaurants offer gluten-free options like bread, pasta, and desserts. Popular tourist destinations like Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini have numerous eateries with gluten-free menus or clear labeling. Travelers with celiac disease can enjoy the rich flavors of Greek cuisine and explore the beautiful landscapes without dietary concerns.

Learn more about Gluten Free diet in Greece here: 


Before or after accommodation 

To avoid jet lag, many guests prefer to make hotel arrangements before their cruise or tour departs. As a service, we will make hotel reservations before or after your cruise or tour, subject to availability, upon request. Hotel charges will be added to your cruise or tour cost. There is a great variety of hotels with proximity to airports or ports around Greece. 


Shore Excursion

Main goal in our mind is to provide exceptional travel experiences to cruise passengers in the ports, while they visit around Greece, according to their needs. Some shore excursion facilities may not be fully accessible to guests with mobility challenges.

We have done most of the effort that our excursions are carefully prepared with consideration of mobility needs of our Guests. 

The offered sights, panoramic stops as well as  sanitary facilities are carefully selected to offer our guests maximum comfort, pleasure and enjoyment.

Our excursions are offered for private groups (up to 4 persons) and the capacity of aid equipment is exactly communicated. All pick-ups and drop-offs are at the indicated cruise ports. 



Because it's a private excursion, guests can set their own pace in the time allotted.



When a ship is unable to dock at the port, guests are taken ashore on smaller boats called tenders. Please be aware that certain ports in Greece and according to the weather conditions may require tendering to the shore. The tendering process and the boats may not be  fully accessible to wheelchairs or scooters. Guests may need to utilize steps or a staircase to access the tender. It can be difficult for some guests to embark or disembark the ship and go on the booked shore excursion. Our services within shore excursions starts only from the port where a vehicle and our team members will pick up the guests. 

Dialysis Treatments

Greece is undeniably among the most popular holiday destinations, well-known by travelers. The great touristic infrastructure, cultural and natural beauty of the country and its climatic conditions attract many different types of tourists all year round.

Nowadays, Greece is a leading dialysis destination for renal patients who require dialysis treatments and medical support during their holidays. Due to recent developments, there are excellent dialysis centers all around Greece with high quality dialysis devices, well-qualified and multilingual staff.


  • Instant treatment confirmation 

  • High-end medical care and dialysis facilities

  • Well-trained, multilingual nursing and medical personnel

  • Constant presence of nephrologists during dialysis 

  • Continuous monitoring by a cardiologist and vascular surgeon 

  • Yellow Room - special care area for hepatitis B/C/HIV patients 

  • 24 Hour medical support with private ambulance and transportation 

  • Luxury facilities for guests and their accompanying persons

  • Comfortable infrastructure with multimedia facilities 

  • Catering during the session


CareunderSun offers a comprehensive network of modern private dialysis centers and touristic infrastructure. Our carefully selected network of partner units are experienced in treating international dialysis patients. We guarantee fast confirmation of treatments along with any necessary supportive and touristic services, which are all tailor made for individual guests and groups alike.

Dialysis Treatments
Electricity and Energy

Greece uses Type C and Type F power plugs and sockets, with a standard voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz. For instance Type C plugs have two round pins, while Type F plugs have two round pins with two earth clips on the sides. If your devices have a different type of plug, you will need a plug adapter to use them in Greece.  The adapter required will depend on the plugs used in your home country.


We recommend you to check the plugs and sockets in your country and obtain the necessary adapters or voltage converters before your trip to Greece. But in case you forget it,  you can generally find plug adapters for sale. They are commonly available in electronics stores, travel supply shops, and larger retail centers. You may also find them at convenience stores or airports. 

Entrance Fees
Entrance Fees

The admission for persons holding a disability ID (with min 67% disability) and 1 accompanying person is free for the entrance to the archeological sites and museums.


Our accessible excursion selection has been carefully prepared and offers a wide range of accessible activities around Greek travel destinations.

We have made every effort to ensure that our excursions are prepared taking into account the different needs of our guests. The offered sights, panorama stations as well as sanitary facilities are carefully selected to offer the highest level of comfort, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Despite the fact that we have carefully prepared the programs, the facilities or attractions may not be fully accessible without prior notification from the authorities. Again, the experience of our guides guarantees that alternative routes or stops will be offered.

 All pick-ups and drop-offs are at your accommodation  which needs to be communicated. 

Elevator to the Acropolis in Athens

It occasionally happens when visiting the Acropolis that the elevator for people with mobility impairments is out of order. This information is not communicated by either the Acropolis Administration or the Ministry of Tourism and it is a matter of higher force. 


Suitability of excursions

Our excursions are offered for private groups (up to 4 people) and the capacity of the aids will be precisely communicated.

All excursions are offered in vehicles with ramps (electric or manual).

Additional services such as languages, sign languages, assistance and flight equipment can be provided and are required upon prior request (min. 4 weeks) as availability is often limited.



Because it's a private excursion, guests can set their own pace in the time allotted.


Personal expenses 

Any other services that are not mentioned as included services are considered as personal cost and must be covered by guests individually. 


Tips for guides and drivers 

In Greece, it’s customary to tip your tour guide. For a group tour, around 2 euro per person, per day is the average. If it’s a private tour, you’re looking at 20 euro per person, per day.


Transportation such as flights within Greek destinations can be arranged by us. As we are a local incoming agency the international flights to and from the destination are not included.



When flying into the international airport of Athens or out of Athens your connection flight may be with hours difference. If you have more than 5 hours of waiting time, it is worth thinking about booking an activity.. Accessible beach stop, lunch at the sea front or an accessible shopping experience can be easily arranged. We will be happy to entertain your ideas. 

Guide with license

Only specially trained guides holding official Licensed Tourist Guides certificate are allowed to provide guiding tours in archeological sites or museums. They can satisfy the demands of a specialized audience with a profound knowledge in any of the following subjects:  architecture, geology, mathematics, physics, agriculture, history of art, archeology, education, philosophy, religion etc.



Guiding in 28 different languages on request (Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Swedish, Czech, Turkish and Spanish) = the majority of the guiding staff (58%)  are also University graduates. 


Sign Language 

The visual-manual modality to convey meaning translators in Greece are very limited and can be found only in the big cities (Athens or Thessaloniki). For this reason an early request and reservation is required. 

Guide Licenced
Hygiene Concepts
Hygiene Concepts


Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the “2G regulation” vaccinated or recovered applies with immediate effect to all our tours for the season 2022. This means that participation in our original tours is only possible for fully vaccinated and recovered guests. If the general conditions improve considerably in the course of 2022, and the authorities withdraw the restrictions to make traveling without proof of vaccination and convalescence possible again, we will adapt accordingly.                                                                                                     

  •  If a proof (vaccinated or recovered) cannot be provided at embarkation, we reserve the right to charge cancellation fees in accordance with our travel conditions.


Greece uses euro as its currency and in most of the places credit card payments will be commonly accepted. Although, if you’d like to have some cash with you, you can exchange foreign currencies at most Greek and foreign banks, as well as at exchange bureaus located around the city centers, ports and airports. Take into account that when exchanging money, you'll need to present your passport.


Additionally, almost all of the bank ATMs offer you the option to withdraw money directly from your bank  and most of them offer different language options to make your transaction easier for you.  Tip: Before traveling Don’t forget to contact your bank before your travel to make sure you can have transactions all over Greece.

For more details visit: 

Needs of Travelers
Needs of travelers

We understand that the needs of travelers can be different and vary and we try to understand and to meet the needs in the best possible way. By collecting as detailed as possible information, visiting the facilities regularly to have reliable information and training our partners to create awareness are our main efforts. 

Providing verified and detailed information enables travelers to make an informed decision.


Mobility limitation

For travelers with reduced mobility who are unable to walk, use scooters, walkers or wheelchairs, we collect the exact details of the physical barriers of facilities and services. We find step-les routes and shelters with wide doors.


Deaf or low hearing

We take the challenge to find services and facilities with visual-tactile alert systems, telephone ringing, alarm ringing or smoke detection. Providing a range of aid items such as portable kits that includes a visual-tactile alert system, assistive listening devices or closed-captioned televisions. As well as sign language interpreting services are available in some destinations. 


Blind or low vision

We are awer assessing the services and facilities about the needs of travelers with visibility limitations. Training to collect as many details as possible and  information about available services. The range of requirements like braille / tactile signage or service animals is wide. Often the training of our partners allows us to create the awareness of the needs and the way the services have to be provided to meet the needs. 


Cognitive Disabilities

Travelers with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease are encouraged to contact us to arrange the appropriate services, activities or supportive assistance required. And from our side, we strive to meet guests' requirements and provide adequate and safe vacations to affected travelers and their companions or families. 


Greece is considered a safe country destination for traveling and ranked 39th as the safest countries around the world. But like any place you need to be aware of some risks involved such as pickpocketing and scams, especially in big cities. CareunderSun recommends you to reduce these risks by being cautious, keeping your valuables safe at your hotel, not carrying big amounts of cash with you and avoiding dangerous areas. 


Bear in mind that Greece has a well-developed tourism infrastructure, and it is known for its warm hospitality and welcoming culture, plus it has a low crime rate compared to many other European countries. The government also takes measures to ensure the safety of tourists by increasing police presence in popular tourist areas.


The expertise of travel services for seniors is based on years of experience with senior individuals and groups we have taken care of. Programs are designed according to the age related limitations but with high focus and respect to the interests of senior travelers. 

Regular stops are chosen as needed, and routes allow ample time to relax. Specific diets are arranged. The additional services such as assistance or care replaces the care at home and often makes traveling possible. The rental of equipment enables easy and safe travel.

Service animal

A service animal is any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. If the animal meets this definition, it is considered a service animal regardless of whether it has been licensed or certified by a state or local government. Guests must provide copies of the dog’s documents and vaccination records. 

If traveling with service animals, please let us know in advance.

Service Animal

Our partners and Co-creation

Touring with disabled persons requires the understanding of needs by the guides, drivers and service personnel. To experience a "disability" by yourself, is one way to better understand the needs. So in the specially prepared training for our partners for example they put on blinders and are given walking sticks to feel the way in the dark, or sitting in a wheelchair and propelling themselves in and out of elevators. They also learn about cognitive disabilities; autism, hearing challenges and more. Not all disabilities can be seen outright.

The practical experiences and theoretical basis information allows a better understanding and appreciation for people who have a disability, and gives confidence that they will be able to adjust the services or tour to their specific needs. It is always a great teaching and learning experience!


Level 1

Booking a level 1 excursion, a transportation vehicle with an easy entrance (steps max. 24cm) and holders are provided. Suitable for persons with limited mobility and able to relocate alone and walk a few steps.


Level 2

Booking level 2  excursion, a transportation vehicle is adapted and equipped with a ramp (hydraulic or manual) and safety system to stabilize the wheelchair. The level 2 excursions are suitable for guests in electric wheelchairs that cannot relocate or walk any distance. 


Vehicle with easy access

Transportation vehicle with an easy entrance (steps max. 24cm) and holders are provided. Suitable for persons with limited mobility and able to relocate alone and walk a few steps.


Vehicle with Ramp

Transportation vehicles are adapted and equipped with a ramp (hydraulic or manual) and safety system to stabilize the wheelchair. The level 2 excursions are suitable for guests in electric wheelchairs that can not relocate or walk any distance.

Water in Greece

Drinkable water

Greece is a country that offers quality water in general. As for drinkable water, the tap water in Greece is generally safe to drink in most areas (Source). It is known that the Greek government regulates the quality of drinking water, and it is regularly monitored to ensure it meets national and international standards. Although, the taste and smell of the water may change depending on the location and source of the water.

We recommend to our clients that have special immune systems or serious health concerns, to better take other alternatives such as drinking bottled water, which is available in almost every corner or the Greek cities and islands on kiosks, supermarkets, etc. and its price starts from around from 0.25€ to 0.50€. 

Bathing water

According to the European Bathing Water Quality report released by the European Environment Agency and the Commission, Greece is one of the top three countries in Europe for the high quality of its bathing waters. In 2020, 97.1% of all 1,634 reported sites in Greece were classified as "excellent" for their water quality. This places Greece in third place among European countries.


Find all of the bathing waters of Greece here: 


Accessibility of public toilets 

Museums and major archaeological sites have accessible restroom facilities.  Also, along the official highways regular restroom facilities are available and in good condition. 

In towns and cities public restrooms are rarely found.  In general,  we will guide the guest and be aware of the available and appropriate restroom facilities that can be used during the activities.  

Acropolis LINK


Toilet paper

In most places throughout Greece you should not put toilet paper down the toilet. Instead you will be asked to put the toilet paper in the bin beside it. Greek sewage pipes are approximately two inches (50mm) in diameter. These measures are to prevent pipes getting clogged.


In the rare event of bad weather conditions, excursions and especially boat excursions may be affected (postponed or canceled).  As soon as such a decision is made, you will be contacted.

WiFi in Greece has improved in recent years, particularly in cities like Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion. Many cafes, restaurants, hotels, and public spaces offer free WiFi. Some public places like airports and train stations may also provide WiFi, but it's recommended to check beforehand. In certain locations, you may need a password or credentials to connect to secure networks.

You can easily buy a SIM card in Greece from operators like Cosmote, Vodafone, and Wind. They offer prepaid SIM cards with data plans. Purchase them at official stores, kiosks, or authorized resellers, choosing a suitable data plan. You'll need to provide identification, such as your passport, and the process is usually straightforward.

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