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Group Vacations in Greece

CarunderSun Team

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The benefits of a group vacation

The list of benefits for traveling in groups is extensive. From planning, exchange and cost efficiency it becomes even longer when looking at elderly travelers preferences. Here safety, accessibility, and care are only a few of the required aspects to consider.  


Competitive rates and a variety of carefully selected accommodation choices for any group size and many destinations allow us to welcome back guests time and time again all over Greece. You will create more value by traveling in groups with trustworthy destination partners.

Senior groups with Holiday Care

The benefits of traveling for seniors has been a well-researched topic for the past decade, because of the positive impact traveling has on the cognitive, physical and spiritual aspect of senior citizens. The new opportunities for seniors who travel in groups are numerous, especially now that we are living a longer and more active life.  About 80% of seniors consider travel a top priority on their bucket list and can gain the following benefits:

  • Improvement of Mental Health

  • Cognitive Health Benefits

  • Physical Health Improvement


Travel often becomes only possible for seniors in groups, our services will address the needs, provide the needed safety and care of the health related aspects and limitations.

A strong and reliable destination partner is essential to support the preparation and coordinate of the operation between the dialysis units, hospitals and local services. The “melting together” of the medical and tourism industry, often called Medical Tourism, requires the contribution from the health industry and travel experts to prepare adequate programs and organize dialysis group itineraries. 

Typically, these traveling groups are accompanied by a doctor and nursing staff, who enable the feeling of safety and allow the patients to enjoy the group's company where they become travel companions. 

A significant amount of responsibility falls upon the organizers. We aim to support the organizers and to make them aware of their responsibilities so that they can offer the best programs and ensure the safety of the groups. Strong and close communication, fast response times and well-elaborated programs guarantee hassle-free traveling for groups and well-coordinated treatments. 

Greece has a great network of high-end dialysis centers with highly trained medical staff, the newest technology and all comfort for the patients. Making it one of the most preferred destination for dialysis vacation makers in the recent years.

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