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Dreams Accessible

CareunderSun is dedicated to ensuring that our guests get an unforgettable travel and accessible experience by taking care of each of their needs. We offer our travelers the opportunity to enjoy in an easier and faster way a remarkable trip in Greece by using our know-how and expertise in accessibility and verifying that the places they want to go or plan to use, are suitable and reliable for each of their needs.  We are glad to work together with direct tourists as well as travel agent partners, elderly care facilities or dialysis centers looking for holidays for travelers with special needs.

Experience and involvement


CareunderSun is the result of more than 25 years of experience in tourism. We understand that our most valuable offer is a product or service that every person can enjoy and is made for everyone. We make sure that we create accessible experiences, and this requires awareness and understanding of different needs and knowing our travelers’ preferences.

One of our essential core values is to share our experience and know-how in accessible tourism with our business partners. We believe that every person has the right to live and travel with dignity, equality, comfort, and independence and we guarantee our clients this by creating awareness, overcoming the challenges, and removing the main barriers among the relevant tourism stakeholders.

Along with our years of experience, we have worked and keep investing a significant number of resources to make sure that all our services are  more accessible for people with different abilities. Our main goal is to take care of slow walkers, disabled travelers, and those with health issues. We do this by creating seamless experiences, so they can explore easily the magical Greece taking back home unforgettable memories, making friends and learning new things.

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Accessibility is an essential part of sustainability


As declared by UNWTO, sustainability principles refer to the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development, and a suitable balance must and can only be established, if it is anchored between these three dimensions to guarantee its long-term sustainability. 

At CareunderSun we are aware that on the opposite of what many people believe, accessible tourism is not just about providing facilities that are for wheel-chair users. It is statistically proven that only 8% of disabled persons are in a wheelchair. The range of groups with different needs varies from senior travelers to travelers with allergies, among other medical conditions. 

We understand that disabilities may be visible, but a big part of them are invisible.

Beyond the economic imperative, there are important reasons for the tourism industry to take this sector seriously as, at the same time, it serves the local communities and societies. It is good for everyone!

CareunderSun looks after and understands the different types of travelers who have different degrees of accessibility restrictions, mobility requirements and needs that in general have to be considered. 


CareunderSun as a specialized incoming tourism agency in Greece, follows the principles and needs of accessible tourism. We actively provide everyday solutions that contribute to having the best destination in terms of inclusion and sustainability

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Exclusion Integration Inclusion CareunderSun.png
Exclusion Integration Inclusion CareunderSun.png
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Team Member



Accessibility Ambassador for CareunderSun

Kamil is 35 years old born Athenian citizen. He is involved in policy and movement support officer at European Network on Independent Living.

He is passionate traveler and travel blogger. 

He is taking us to different destinations around Greece and showing us the accessibility from a perspective of a power wheelchair user.

Rating the accessibility provides a valuable input for CareunderSun travelers and allows them to make informed travel decisions. 

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Platinium Tourism Award 

The last 15th of April 2024 the prestigious Greek tourism awards took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Athens. The event emphasized mainly Greekness and Sustainability and the ceremony honored pioneers and innovators in the tourism sector. The event highlighted the importance of these values in her speech, encouraging continued dedication to promoting Greek tourism ethically and with vision that shows a promising future for Greek tourism, characterized by excellence and commitment to leaving a positive legacy for future generations. CareunderSun stood out and won the Platinum Travel Award for the category of Sustainability, leading the accessible tourism market in Greece and making  future accessible travel in Greece possible.

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