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Accessible Sailing Greece

Dreaming with Sailing in the Mediterranean?

If you are a sailing enthusiast, fueled by a passion for the open waters, brainstorming ways to make sailing not just accessible, but downright thrilling for everyone, especially those with mobility restrictions.  Welcome aboard! CareunderSun now offers you the opportunity to have an adventure by sailing in an accessible way the beautiful waters of Greece.  Be part of this ACCESSIBLE SAILING EXPERIENCE on the island of Evia, just 1 hour away from Athens.

Unlike any other vessel, this accessible boat makes living space a top priority. Just imagine this: a floating paradise where day and night blend seamlessly into one another. From the terrace on the sea to the cozy deck saloon, the navigation station to the bustling galley, and the lively cockpit to the commanding steering station – they're all on a single level. This means you can move around effortlessly, soaking in the stunning 360-degree views while fully immersing yourself in all the onboard action. It's a world where every corner invites you to join the adventure, making every moment onboard truly unforgettable.

Sailing  (2).jpg

Boat's accessibility

The sailing boat you will be able to enjoy is adapted completely for users with special needs. They are made of top-notch gear and created a seamless boarding experience with a gangway wide enough to strut down like a runway.

Sailing  (17).jpg
Boat inside.jpg

Once aboard, you're in for a treat. The deckhouse is like a cozy harbor, protecting you from whatever surprises Mother Nature throws your way –either the blazing sun, stormy winds, or a cheeky splash of sea spray. Even its bathroom facilities are spacious plus it offers accessible double-bedded cabins that are designed for easy-peasy access. The boats possess seat belts as well on every seat strategically to make sure you are safe on board!

Accessing the boat

The boat features a specially designed "catwalk". Alongside, a sturdy rail provides support for walking individuals, enhancing stability and ease of movement. Plus, it serves a dual purpose: it aids guests in sliding into the sea or returning to the yacht, particularly beneficial for those who may lack strength or have disabilities. With a half-sunk board, individuals can comfortably enjoy the ocean before effortlessly being lifted back onto the yacht.

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For added safety, 4-point safety belts secure passengers in the lounge, preventing unwanted movement during rough weather. The lounge's couches provide protection from the elements while offering panoramic sea views, and the roof can slide open for sunbathing. Tables in the lounge accommodate eight people, with space for wheelchair users. The boats are equipped with safety handlebars throughout, ensuring stability for guests with walking difficulties without the risk of falling.

Additionally, each boat carries two custom aisle-chairs, providing easy access to cabins and restrooms where standard wheelchairs don't fit. A special lift facilitates transfers from personal chairs to aisle chairs, descending to the lower level via an electronically operated platform with top-notch safety standards.

The restrooms boast specially installed handlebars to meet all guest needs, and both restrooms and cabins are accessible via a lift for guests with more significant disabilities. Plus. with ample storage space, you will also be able to accommodate all luggage and equipment seamlessly. All of the fleet you will be embarking on are new, very well maintained and equipped with safety vests, belts, and whistles to secure your safety.

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Where to sail?

As you navigate, you will be able to cruise around the South Euboean Gulf where the weather's a dream, ports are a breeze to access, and the longest stretch between ports is a mere four hours. Along the way, you will have the chance to  appreciate  picturesque bays and find sports for swimming or just enjoy the stunning Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing  (7).HEIC

The journey starts at the Karavos Port in Aliveri in the Euboea Island. The route is defined by the Captain and the weather conditions at the moment in the area. Usuaylly the South Euboean Gulf offers calm waters. But be rest assured that you will get the best of the Mediterrenean and Greek Island experience. 

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What's on board?

The boat offers you a special barbecue with lava stones, perfect for lively barbecue nights accompanied by music from the talented captains, who entertain guests with guitar or accordion performances. Plus, onboard entertainment options included are television and DVD player.

Accessible Sailing Options

Enjoy according to your traveling needs these 3 different options to enjoy your Accessible Sailing Experience.

1 Day Sailing Experience

3 Days Sailing Experience 

7 Days Sailing Experience

Sailing Boat

44 ft

8 Guests

4 Cabins

4 Beds


  • Warm Water

  • Sun Tent

  • Shower on Deck

  • Freezer

  • Refrigerator

  • Cutlery

  • Glasses

  •  Dishes

  • Hot plates

  • Mp3 Player

  • Radio CD

  • Solar Panels

  • Snorkeling

  • Equipment

  • Kayak

  • Beach

  • Toys


  • Max Sleeping guests: 8

  • Max Cruising guests: 8

  • Boat type: Sailing Yacht

  • Length: 44 ft (13 m)

  • Bathrooms: 2

  • Kitchens: 1

  • Cabins: 4

  • Manufacturer: Dufour Yachts

  • Model: Atoll 4

  • Built in: 06 / 2001

  • Refit in: 03 / 2022

  • Engines: 1 x 55hp

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • Consumption: 6 L /Hour

  • Water capacity: 1000 L

  • Fuel capacity: 500 L

  • Max Cruising  Speed: 7 knots

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