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Accessible Hiking in Greece

Hiking in Greece

Among the captivating landscapes of Greece,   where nature's beauty unfolds,   we bring you a tale of courage, exploration, and the power of accessible travel. As a first and only company in Greece Careundersun offers an exciting new opportunity to go further in activities by offering a personalized hiking experience in Greece. This is taking the holiday to another level. Experience unique hiking experience with enthusiastic, professional, and qualified leaders with more than 20 years’ experience of hiking professionally. Now the introduction of the first JOËLETTE in Greece marks a significant milestone in the country's accessible adventure tourism.


Our experts in Greece

Greek Adventure is a tour operator dedicated to bringing you the most exciting holiday packages to the most magnificent places in Greece.

With over 20 years of experience, accessible combined tours, and excursions in various parts of Greece, as well as daily outdoor activities in 3 destinations are in the program for the upcoming season.

Both companies together create opportunities for people with disabilities to connect with nature and experience the thrill of outdoor activities and the beauty of Greek nature. 



Mount Olympus 

Olympus mountain is located between Thessaly and Macedonia in the northern part of Greece. It is known to be the home of Zeus and the 12 Gods of the Greek Mythology where you can find different microclimate zones. The highest peak is 2.917 mts (9.570 feet), making it the tallest mountain in Greece. 

The main hikes start from the restaurant area,1000 meters (3280feet) with the possibility staying at that level or venturing lower to visit the monastery. All around the mountain there are various paths with different difficulty levels with amazing scenery, streams, and gorges to view.

Mount Olympus.jpeg


Meteora is one of the most popular destinations in Greece with millions of people visiting it every year! Together with our partner we provides unique activity tours for such a unique place.

Experience hiking in the “sacred” paths of Meteora, mountain bike in the trails of Pindos mountains and water bike in the nearby lake of Plastiras!

Visit the magnificent Meteora rocks and their monasteries, enjoy the awesome view from the top of the rocks and don’t forget to take some amazing photos from up there!

Zagori / Ioannina

Zagori area at Ioannina region of Greece has something for everyone: hiking the world’s deepest canyon, rafting in the gorgeous crystal clear waters of the local rivers, demanding trekking tours…

Enjoy the magnificent nature of Zagorochoria, their old stone bridges, the distinctive architecture of the traditional villages and of course the local delicious cuisine!

Unique adventure tours, suitable for all: from adventurous solo travellers to families with children and elderly people.


The Equipment

Now the introduction of the first JOËLETTE in Greece marks a significant milestone in the country's accessible adventure tourism.


The Joëlette is an all-terrain wheelchair with a single wheel, which allows any person with a disability to go hiking with the help of at least two guides. With friends or family, share unique moments from a simple walk to a sporting challenge.

Thanks to our Research and Development department, we guarantee our users the best comfort for the passenger and great manoeuvrability for the guides. We have improved the handlebars to ensure a better grip. The fatbike wheel and the new shock absorber of the latest generation reduce vibrations to make the most of your rides.

Easily foldable, the off-road wheelchair can be stored in the boot of a car.

For a trip near your home or an adventure on the other side of the world, its weight and small size make that off-road wheelchair easy to move around.



Accessible Hiking Tours

Accessible Transportation

The transportation during the multiday hiking program will be offered in an accessible vehicle with ramps.

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Certified and carefully selected accommodation will be guaranteed when booking an accessible hiking package.  

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If you wish to combine your hiking holidays with cultural activities and sightseeing, you can easily add some days to your stay and explore so much more, Greece has to offer. 

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