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Are you planning to take a Cruise ship in the Mediterranean?

Cruise ship travelling is a convenient option for tourists who would prefer to be able to visit a variety of destinations without having to pack and unpack every time. Besides, there is no need to worry about transportation between destinations or finding accommodation and restaurants because cruise ships have accommodations, dining options, entertainment, and activities all in one place.

For travelers with limited mobility, the most modern cruise ships in the Mediterranean are designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities and provide accessible facilities and services. These ships typically have wheelchair-accessible cabins with showers, ramps, elevators, and accessible public areas such as restaurants, theaters, and lounges. Moreover, companies also have trained staff.

In general, cruise ships have trained personnel to assist travelers with mobility and sight restrictions during embarkation and disembarkation. Occasionally, when a ship cannot dock in a port, guests are taken ashore on smaller boats called #tenders. In these cases, the access is by steps or a staircase to the tenders and re-boarding the ship.

Therefore, in these instances it is highly recommended for motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooter users to contact the cruise ship companies in advance and enquire about the tender roll-on capability before booking as they may not be allowed to be taken on tenders unless roll-on capability is available.

How do I know if prior to my booking there is tendering?

Every company offers different services; therefore, it is always advisable to contact the cruise ship company to check the itinerary prior to booking your excursions to see if they offer tender boats or if the cruise docks on shore. Depending on the destinations, the process might change, so only avoid cruises that use tendering at shore, where you would like to disembark for a visit.

What are the reasons a cruise will use a tender or not?

There are different reasons why cruise ships might use a tender, the most common is safety and to avoid too shallow waters, also some ships might not be able to fit in certain ports. But this does not prevent them from visiting these destinations, therefore tenders are provided, and guests can come to land. Tenders are also used for small ports where mid- or large-sized ships can’t fit.

Can I go on accessible shore excursions and sightseeing in Greece?

Greece offers opportunities to explore in detail as a traveler with restricted mobility. Please bear in mind that not every port, cities or towns are completely ready to host people with restricted mobility, therefore depending on your destination, it is advisable to check in advance with a travel agency to ensure your safety and ease of travel around Greece.

At CareunderSun we make sure you are safe and can truly enjoy your shore excursion in every Greek destination we offer. CareunderSun offers you safe transfers in adapted cars for users in wheelchairs, trained staff, and expert guides to ensure your stay is unforgettable. Feel free to contact us for more information and we will be waiting for you!

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