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Dialysis Treatment Rhodes

Dialysis Center - Rhodes

The artificial kidney unit of Rhodes Dialysis Center operates at modern premises suitably adapted to cater for treating patients with chronic kidney failure. The top priority of the unit is to provide treatment of the highest standard. The dialysis units offer high quality dialysis in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our aim is to provide a timely, safe and smooth service for visiting patients on Rhodes during the Holiday.

  • HD, on-line HDF

  • Patients are continuously monitored by the medical and nursing personnel

  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

  • Latest generation of Baxter

Payment and Coverage

  • Direct payment (accepting Credit Cards or cash)
    Private insurance

  • EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) accepted

CareunderSun arranging fee is 20€. Dialysis treatment cost varies depend on the center and season

Download the Medical Dialysis Form

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