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Dialysis Treatment Mykonos

Dialysis Center - Mykonos

The center was created with the goal to enable dialysis patients from all over the world to visit and enjoy their holidays in one of Greece’s most famous destinations, Mykonos.The state-of-the-art dialysis facilities comply with the European health and safety directives and are designed to the high standards of a luxury hotel. Dialysis uses the latest technology from Baxter - The Artis Physio Plus multi-therapy system - which offers a unique combination of efficient HD and effective HDF therapies, providing you total control over the delivery of personalized hemodialysis treatments.

  • Situated fully equipped primary care clinic with over 18 medical specialties

  • Team of expert nephrologists and experienced dialysis nurses

  • Latest technology from Baxter

  • HD and effective HDF therapies,

  • Modern setting offering stunning views of the Aegean Sea

Payment and Coverage

  • EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) accepted

  • Private insurance

  • Direct payment (accepting Credit Cards or cash)

CareunderSun arranging fee is 20€. Dialysis treatment cost varies depend on the center and season

Download the Medical Dialysis Form

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