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Dialysis Treatment Athens - Pallini/ Airport

Dialysis Center Pallini - Athens Airport

The selection of the site and its configuration were made based on the strict criteria and specifications of the Nephrology Centers Group. Thus, another elegant and modern unit of 1,200 sq.m. was created. Surrounded by an all-vegetated garden of 2,800 sq.m. and ample parking spaces, the unit has a high standard dialysis room and welcoming waiting areas, of high aesthetics.

  • Regular monitoring by a cardiologist

  • Access to all areas for people with disabilities

  • Providing an ambulance

  • Power generating pair - generator

  • Electrically adjustable beds and armchairs

  • Individual TV and personal headphones WiFi

Payment and Coverage

  • EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) accepted

  • Private insurance

  • Direct payment (accepting Credit Cards or cash)

CareunderSun arranging fee is 20€. Dialysis treatment cost varies depend on the center and season

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