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Winter activities Greece

Social life and Activities

At CareunderSun we understand that daily activities are important as they contribute to your physical health, mental stimulation, social interaction, emotional well-being, independence, and overall quality of life. Engaging in regular activities helps maintain your physical fitness, keep the mind active, foster social connections, preserve independence, and add fulfillment to daily life in Greece.

​We offer a weekly changing activity program specially prepared by experts, physical and sports professionals with you in mind with various options. We hope that our selected programs and activities offers something of interest for  all the visitors looking for new experiences. 

Concrete Wall
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Join our weekly activities in town or hikes on the hills, walks along the beach, dancing, yoga and more.

Physiotherapy & Wellness 

Enjoy a massage to relax or to complement your therapies.

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Enjoy the excursions we have programmed. Visit island, archeological sites, museums, vineyards and more.

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Culture and Art

Join us in concerts, theater performances, galleries and more artistic representations in Athens.

Weekly Program

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*On request scheduled visits to doctor appointments, banks, supermarket visits and more


  • Athens Highlights half day

  • Artemis temple and Museum

  • Cape Sounion and temple of Poseidon

Excursions vary from week to week. They are done only once per week or can be arranged more times in advance.

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