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Accessibility Statement

The words Accessible, Operable, Understandable, Robust with icons.

Accessibility statement for

This website is run by our partner - Oramaplus. And together we want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. For example, that means you should be able to:

  • change styling using in-browser settings

  • navigate most of the website using just a keyboard

  • listen to most of the website using a screen reader (including the most recent versions of JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver)

In addition, I also made the website text as simple as possible to understand.

How accessible is this website?

Some parts of this website may not yet be fully accessible:

  • some images or buttons may not have a descriptive textual alternative

  • maps do not have alternative content provided on page

  • some elements on the pages may not meet color contrast standards

What to do if you cannot access parts of this website:

Please contact us on the details below should you require any content appearing on this website in a more accessible format,

for example, a PDF.

More accessible formats may include: large print; easy read; audio recording and; braille.:


We’ll consider your request and get back to you within ten days.

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