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Enjoy our long-stays in the Mediterranean

Enjoy soon our long-stay services

This long-stay and over-winter community welcomes "temporary homes" with carefully selected range of services, various health-enhancing activities, and different levels of personalized medical care. It is located in an independent living concept on the East Mediterranean Sea, at the Athens Riviera in Greece.

This model provides the best age and senior citizens of different nationalities with a space where they can enjoy an active life each day with complete independence in a unique setting, offering numerous services to boost their well-being and provide the highest level of security.

The necessary support and care are carefully selected according to international standards for each of our "temporary residences," designed to offer the required assistance and safety. This is made possible by our international team of caregivers and multilingual assistance.

The proximity of Athens offers a range of health and medical infrastructure, including clinics, dialysis centers, and a wide range of specialized medical services.

The unique location of Porto Rafti makes it one of the most beautiful coastal settlements in Greece, situated in the Attica Region. It is only 35 km southeast of Athens and 12 km from the international airport.

Our "long-term visitors" can choose from carefully selected and adapted living spaces in the form of apartments and studios for their stays. These temporary homes provide a life that suits their needs and offer convenience, safety, and comfort in the Mediterranean style.

We welcome you to  extend your stay in your holiday destination, discover the variety of possibilities, make new friends, exchange experiences, and learn about new cultures and history.

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