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The island of marble sculpture

Tinos is one of the rising island destinations in the Cyclades. An ideal destination for nature lovers, architecture and art aficionados or gastronomy enthusiasts! You will enjoy your jaunts in the beautiful beaches and in the picturesque 40 or so villages, built according to the local traditional architectural style. You will be impressed by its culture and tasty cooking, as well as by the locals’ way of life.

Tinos is the homeland of great Greek artists of marble carving such as Gyzis, Lytras, Chalepas, Filippotis and Sochos. These artists were famous for their creations, which raised the island’s marble-carving tradition to new heights.

The religious celebration in honour of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary on August 15th are accompanied by other festivities such as Tsiknias (the leavetaking of the Dormition, the mother of God, held nine days after); Exοmbourgo (a religious feast in honour of Jesus); as well as the culinary feasts featuring: artichokes and raki in Falatados, and honey in Kampos.


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