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Also known as the “Caribbean of Greece”, Lefkada stands out for its exotic ambiance and breathtaking natural landscape!

Lefkada is surrounded by a total of 24 islets - Aristotle Onassis’ Skorpios being one of them. It connects to the opposite coast of Central Greece via a floating swing bridge (length: 50 m). The bridge offers easy access to Lefkada to visitors from all over Greece.

Here you will find noteworthy sights, churches and monasteries, picturesque villages and lush vegetation. For the Sea Lovers, idyllic coves of transparent, turquoise waters and secluded beaches of stunning beauty.

Lefkada is the island’s capital and port town. The town planning is a very particular one and resembles a “fish backbone”. There are picturesque alleys, small squares, traditional houses, elaborate belfries and paved pedestrian zones that give this town its character. The city is surrounded by a canal and a lagoon, while, farther north, lies Gyra, a thin stretch of a sandy beach forming a circle, dotted with windmills and scant vegetation.


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