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Accessible Hiking in Greece

Hike in a safe way the Olympus Mount in Greece

Careundersun offers you an exciting new opportunity to go further in activities by offering a personalized hiking experience in the Greece’s highest mountain Olympus. This is taking the holiday to another level not offered by anyone else Greece. We offer a unique hiking experience with enthusiastic, professional, and qualified leaders with more than 20 years’ experience of hiking professionally. We make this possible only with a special electric wheelchair designed for mountain hiking.

Advantages of accessible hiking 

Offers an opportunity to explore scenery and nature in one of the most amazing mountains in Europe.

Benefits on mental and psychological wellbeing by being surrounded in an unspoiled nature.

Once in a lifetime opportunity to climb a mountain in a natural park and world biosphere reserve.

It is inclusive as it allows people of all abilities to enjoy nature and the outdoors together.

More about Mount Olympus 

Olympus mountain is located between Thessaly and Macedonia in the northern part of Greece. It is known to be the home of Zeus and the 12 Gods of the Greek Mythology where you can find different microclimate zones. The highest peak is 2.917 mts (9.570 feet), making it the tallest mountain in Greece. 

The main hikes start from the restaurant area,1000 meters (3280feet) with the possibility staying at that level or venturing lower to visit the monastery. All around the mountain there are various paths with different difficulty levels with amazing scenery, streams, and gorges to view.

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What other activities are there to do?

Traditional food

Accessible excellent Greek restaurant to enjoy a lunch.

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Monastery Visit

Get to visit the Old Holy Monastery of Saint Dionysios of Olympus where you can visit, get inside, and enjoy the whole orthodox Greek peacefully experience

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There is the beautiful Litochoro village with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops.

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