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From 590€

Corfu Town and Achilleon

Half day / Accessible / Up to 4 people


  • Enjoy enchanting landscapes of the green island

  • Visit Sissi and your palace

  • Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Corfu Town


From 590€


Others and sign-language on request (extra cost may apply)

meeting point

Port or any hotel in the town center


4 hours

What you will do...

After a drive to the south of the green island of Corfu, we will reach Achilleion Palace, built in 1891, dedicated to Empress Elisabeth of Austria - better known as Sissi - to her favorite antique hero. It is literally a summer palace with columns and marble busts. Here you can visit the generously furnished premises and the beautiful garden. From the terrace you have a fascinating view of the Ionian Sea. After this imperial stay, we drive towards Corfu town. 

Corfu, the capital of the island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is characterized by its long occupation of the Venetians and the British. We'll take a stroll through the lanes of the old town, along the esplanade and the Liston boulevard. Linger over the Liston and watch the bustle enjoying a cold glass of frappe.

Certainly, you share the opinion of the Empress, who said: 'Wherever I come back from, I say: Here is the most beautiful part of the world'. Anyone who has ever been to the island knows what Sissi meant by that.

What you will visit...

Enchanting landscapes of the green island:

Corfu is known for its stunning natural beauty, characterized by lush green landscapes and breathtaking scenery. The island is blessed with verdant hills, olive groves, and cypress trees that create a picturesque backdrop. Exploring Corfu allows you to immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes, whether it's wandering through charming villages, hiking along scenic trails, or simply enjoying the serene beaches with crystal-clear waters. The island's natural beauty is a feast for the eyes and offers a tranquil escape where you can connect with nature and experience the island's idyllic surroundings.

Visit Sissi Palace:

The Achilleion Palace, also known as the Sissi Palace, is a must-visit attraction in Corfu. This magnificent palace was built in the 19th century for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissi. The palace showcases neoclassical architectural style and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens with statues, fountains, and panoramic views of the island. Exploring the palace allows you to step back in time and admire its opulent interiors, adorned with luxurious furnishings, exquisite artwork, and impressive frescoes. The combination of history, architecture, and the idyllic setting makes a visit to Sissi and her palace a truly memorable experience in Corfu.

Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Corfu Town:

Corfu Town, the capital of the island, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a true gem of the Ionian Islands. This historic town is a harmonious blend of various architectural influences, including Venetian, French, and British. The town's narrow streets are lined with colorful buildings, historic landmarks, and charming squares, creating a captivating atmosphere.


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Notes on mobility

  • Inspected and carefully chosen stops

  • Easy access guarantee

  • Accessible transfer with ramp

  • Trained staff

  • Assistance pets are allowed

Suitability for Level 1 and 2

max. 4 Wheelchairs foldable
max. 4 Rollator Users
max. 2 Mobility scooter Users
max. 2 Electric wheelchair



Not included

Additional Cost

Roundtrip transportation by air-conditioned bus

Trained Driver

License Tour guide

Pick-up and drop-off

Special personal assistance

Rental of aid equipment

Food and drinks

Entrance fees

Personal Assistance

Aid equipment

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