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Dialysis Treatment Chalkidiki - Thessaloniki

Dialysis Center - Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki

Spanning in a 3 acres area, a 1.700m2, 2-level state of the art building rose fast, ready to cover the demand for quality dialysis. The treatment rooms orientation offers un-blocked sea-view for all patients. Dialysis Centres of a new generation, built from the ground up to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction. Delivering excellent medical care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. OL-HDF(Online hemodiafiltration) is widely recognised as a safer, more comfortable and more efficient alternative to conventional hemodialysis.

  • Fresenius Machines.


  • Strictest Quality Standards

  • In the middle of the southern touristic part of Chalkidiki

  • Well trained staff

Payment and Coverage

  • EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) accepted

  • Private insurance

  • Direct payment (accepting Credit Cards or cash)

CareunderSun arranging fee is 20€. Dialysis treatment cost varies depend on the center and season

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