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One of the most impressive regions in Greece included in the World Heritage List.

Kalabaka is built on the feet of the Meteora and it is at the left side of the river Pinios at the point that it enters the plain of Thessaly. Internationally known due to the famous Monasteries on the top of the Meteora rocks, suspended in the air.

Meteora are one of the greatest monuments of the world, protected by UNESCO, and the most important monastic center in Greece

(after Agio Oros). The first ascetics came here in the 11th century. Meteora, however, flourished as a monastic center between the 13th and 14th century as many people who lived in the nearby areas embraced the monastic way of living. The ancient name of Kalabaka was Aiginion, while at the beginning of the 10th c., today's ttown is mentioned as Stagi, a name that is preserved until today as a Metropolitan title.

Kalabaka is a destination rich in history with many important monuments to visit. It is the starting point for those who wish to be familiar with the monuments and the magnificent sites of Aspropotamos, Koziakas and of course the monasteries of Meteora. The town has nice hotels, modern campings, restaurants, tavernas and shops.


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