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Declaración de accesibilidad

Accessibility in tourism

The word accessibility is the “ability” to “access”. Therefore, it is particularly important for any serious company in the tourism industry along the value chain to open doors to all travelers. To embracing every traveller and each visitor, regardless of different ability and variety of needs.

Today, over one billion of the world population live with disabilities according to WHO. Therefore, to reach full the potential

of your business advertising, marketing, and customer experiences, your business must strive for inclusion.

Besides, everyone benefits from an accessible environment even if they don’t have a disability. 

CareunderSun with the project inclusiveGreece provides the means to make accessibility a strategic part of your business, and guides you  through the steps required for success based on our international expertise and experiences for more inclusion and sustainability.  

Official Partner

InclusiveGreece is the official and exclusive licensee in Greece and responsible for the information and certification under the “Travel for All” (Reisen-für-Alle) initiative.


The initiative started in Germany as the nationwide label in the area of ​​accessibility. The certification system “Travel for All” was developed initially in 2011.

The idea of implementation of the certification system in Greece was born and first talks took place during the ITB in Berlin in 2018 and initial common interest in expanding the quality system outside of Germany was expressed. 

We assist you to identify

how your business can provide, promote and benefit from accessible tourism. 

We provide an international criteria system which allows traveller's to evaluate the suitability of your facility and services at a glance. 

The core idea of the training is to understand international accessibility standards. To help you identify what the customer needs are, and why it's essential for your business to be accessible to all.

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