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Mystra Luxury Hotel

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5 *****

The Mystra Luxury Hotel is dedicated to guiding individuals towards tranquility. It stands as one of these sanctuaries. As the leading wellbeing destination spa hotel in Europe, it embraces guests with a sense of warmth, elegance, and genuine hospitality. Mystra Luxury Hotel is located within the untamed and legendary landscapes of the Greek Peloponnese, offering a natural setting that inherently heals. This sanctuary's design seamlessly weaves elements that inspire awe and provide solace in equal measure.

The air here carries the essence of the Mediterranean, infused with the fragrant notes of orange and pine trees, creating a gentle yet vibrant atmosphere. The light that bathes this space is pure, a source of revitalization for the soul. By being sourrounded by nature, here  beckons—a health and wellness retreat that lives up to its name, promising a journey towards the tranquility and contentment that its very essence exudes.

At Mystra Hotel you will be able to take yourself into a retreat and enjoy the different programs that they offer with spa sessions, and healing programs. 

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Breakfast

  • Free parking

  • Accessible

  • Outdoor pool

  • Air-conditioned

  • Laundry service

  • Business center

  • Room service

  • Restaurant

  • Airport shuttle

  • Hot tub

  • Spa

  • Fitness center

  • Bar

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