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When Best Aegers travel with us

Senior specialist CareunderSun is specialized in the needs and interests of Best Aegers visitors to Greece while traveling.

Thanks to years of experience, CareunderSun knows and fulfills the travel wishes of seniors from the beginning to the end of the journey with carefull design. We are respecting and take into consideration the preferences, interests as well as health conditions of our guests.


+ Precisely designed travel programs with a focus on cultural highlights

+ Assistance of selected and experienced professional guides

+ Excellent language skills of tour guides

+ Considerable selection of hotels in terms of accessibility, facilities and location

+ Comfortable and modern buses

+ Adequate route with enough breaks and toilet stops

+ Free water in the buses

+ Selection and quality control of restaurants

+ Implementation of dietary preferences

+ Limited group sizes

+ Assistance with luggage

+ Acoustic devices for better understanding of sightseeing tours and museums

+ Ticketdiscounts for Seniors to archeological places and other attractions


Our travel programs are also well suited for seniors with illness or age-related limitations. It is important for us to know the wishes and preferences of the guests prior to arrival in order to be prepared in the best possible way.

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