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From an ethical perspective, we want to enable everyone to participate equitably in the products and experiences we create. We care about each and every guest. 

How do we involve our partners and service providers?

Accommodation facilities

All accommodation facilities we include in our portfolio, we do know personally and have visited them or even stayed there. There are regular site inspections and visits that allow us to always provide reliable information, having thus details of each facility and for the maximum number of travelers and their needs. 

Partner & Service providers

We work closely with our partners and providers of services, offering training, consulting and exchange of experiences. This contributes to creating awareness of accessible tourism. It is an easy way to remove the main barriers and assumptions that might exist in their mind. 


Working hand-in-hand with partners and sharing ideas, has shown and proven to us that the exchange of experiences and the know-how is the best way for innovation and creation. Many new products started with just an idea and have developed over the past years. And we are extremely happy about every new service, facility or provider added to our portfolio.


The contents of the training show the different disabilities that exist, with focus on how to deal with people with different needs and how to better understand their needs. All the customer touchpoints, such as in service or prior arrival - reservation department, gain a deeper awareness. Therefore, the training in a company is taken up by the employees at different levels of responsibilities and involvement.

Local knowledge


Every destination we offer to our customers and include in the itineraries, is visited and inspected beforehand, as each and every facility. From Delphi to Lipsi and from Serres to Aegina, as destination experts, we provide details and “hand-picked” information by our team. Ramps, accessible toilets and best spots for a photo stop, just name to name a few.

Our guarantee

We can not guarantee the ultimate accessibility, but the provided information and details about the travel experiences are personally collected and reliable.

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