MultiDay Itineraries 

Notes on mobility

The itinerary will be designed according to your needs, you share with us.

The chosen attractions in the program and tempo will be adapted to your requirements as it is a private tour.

Guides using sign-language available upon request.

Service animal

We also ensure that our staff is trained in how to interact with people with disabilities who are accompanied by a service animal. The request will also be forwarded to all accommodations, making sure animals are accepted and will be confirmed before the booking.


If you are a renal patient and need regular dialysis treatment, we will be happy to adapt the itenary to your needs and provide you with suitable programs to enjoy your holiday. The dialysis treatment in the visited destinations will be arranged and well coordinated with the itinerary.


We guarantee that detailed information about the chosen and booked accommodations for your travel will be communicated with you. Our main goal is providing detailed and reliable information to our customers so they can make a decision that best fits their personal needs.


Through personal inspection and visits to the attractions, we hold detailed information about the best routes, accessible restroom facilities, and the level of barrier free experiences a traveler can enjoy. With good planning and clear communication of details, we can assist our customers in making the most out of their travel experience.

Our Staff

Here, at CareunderSun, our staff and partners are provided with regular, detailed training to ensure that our customers get the best, quality of care during their travels. Our staff and the staff of our partners we cooperate with is trained and experienced to assist customers with many different needs.


Please note that the price featured is the lowest price available based on 2 people traveling. Please get in touch with us to calculate the price for your traveling dates / number of participants.

Of course this trip can be arranged for customers traveling by themselves. Assistants and trained drivers will be assisting and help out with the logistics needed.

If you wish to take your friends with you, we will be happy to make special arrangements and services for you and your family or friends.

Cancellation Policy

Depending on the season and chosen destination the cancellation policy may vary. Detailed cancellation policy will be provided on the offer you receive.

The view on the Domes in Santorini with typical architecture

Island hopping:


accessible I 7 days

Delphi archeological site.jpg

Peloponnese & Lefkada

accessible I 7 days

33. Meteora.jpg

Delphi, Meteora


accessible I 7 days