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Hotels with SEATRAC


What is SEATRAC?


SEATRAC is a free service that offers unassisted sea access to people with disabilities and mobility issues. It is an innovative, technological assistant that promotes autonomy, quality, and wellness in everyday life. It encourages integration and inclusion of all members of society.

It is autonomous sea access device for people with disabilities and mobility issues. SEATRAC is the only solution in the world that allows people with mobility issues to enter the sea independently! 

The systems will be installed on the public beaches from spring. You can take the current information on a SEATRAC already in operation directly from the SEATRAC website.




For those who like to enjoy the sea, there is now the opportunity to find a certified beach hotel. We have created packages where certified hotels on beaches with Seatrac as well as barrier free transfers to hotels from the port or airport are offered. For a barrier-free beach holiday in Greece, we offer you easy booking options with guaranteed barrier-free access.

Where can I find SEATRAC

Hotels + Transfer + SEATRAC 

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