Health Care Specialist in Germany

with EU recognized degree




  1. Study and education program including on-the-job training

  2. European recognized degree

  3. Stable income from day one

  4. Full insurance and social security

  5. Support and mentoring during the stay in Germany 

  6. Help organising relocation, travel and housing

  7. Job placement guarantee after successfully completing the program  


1. Did you finish 10 years of education and now you are looking

for the next career step?


We help you to become an industry professional with an international degree in health care. As a health care professional in nursery you become a many-sided carer specialist  in elderly, pediatric or general care.

2. Where can I obtain this degree?

We offer several locations and exciting cities in Germany for example Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and others.

3. Does this program cost?

There is an administrative fee to be paid before departure from Greece. Other than this, the program is free of charge and you will even receive a monthly income during the apprenticeship to support yourself. 

4. How much is the earnings during the program?

You will receive monthly:

In the 1st year: 912€ + social security and all insurances 

In the 2nd year: 961€ + social security and all insurances 

In the 3rd year: 1042€ + social security and all insurances 

5. How long is the program?

The program duration is 3 years.

6. What are the exact requirements?

  •  Legal age of minimum 18 years

  • Certificate of German Language B2 (obtainable with an online exam, ask us)

  • Driving license

  • 4 weeks training in Hospital or Senior care facility (also possible in Germany after arrival) 

  • Successful completion ten-year general school education

7. How can I successfully apply to become an international health care specialist?

You will complete the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours. As soon as we have you documents completed two interview appointments will set up with you. 

8. Why do I need to have two interviews? 

In the first interview we will discuss with you the general requirements and answer your questions. The second interview intends to look at the medical aspects and emotional ability for this profession. Ater you meet all requirements and successfully have completed the interview we will prepare your relocation, travel arrangements and coordinate your arrival to Germany. 

9. In which language will the interview be held?

You are free to decide if you wish the interview in Greek, English or German language.

10.What are language requirements for the program? 

At the moment of departing to Germany for the program you must provide a certification about successfully completed B2 level of the German language. 

We provide you with support in case you do not have a language school close to your home,  we will help you with suitable online-courses to obtain the certification in a short time.

11. Where can I find a job position after I have finished the program?

The certification provides you with flexibility in location and work environment. Health care specialists may work in a hospital, doctor's office, nursing facility, school, retirement home or mobile home carer. 

We guarantee you job placement if you wish to stay with us. 

12. If I am not sure if this program suits me and my expectation?

No problem.

Talk with us and together we clarify your questions and guide you through the idea of becoming a healthcare professional with consideration of all potential pros and contras of studying abroad and be independent from day one.

13. I am already a nurse, doctor or other medical professional. How can I find a job position in Germany?

- If you are a good German speaker and you want to work as a medical doctor, nurse or other

  medical professional in Germany, take your chance now.

- We are helping our partners hospitals, rehabilitation centers and elderly care houses from from     

  Germany to find the best professionals.

- We can provide you with short and long term contracts in any regions of Germany.

- We will assist you with all administrative questions and provide support. 

- All fields of medicine are considered.

- Financial and professional appreciation predictable, well-planned career and prestigious European    living conditions all together in Germany.


The opportunity

to earn while you learn.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Apprentices are full-time, paid employees who participate in both on-the-job training and classroom learning. Apprentices are full-time, paid employees who participate in both on-the-job training and classroom learning. An earn while you earn opportunity.

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