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Aegina Resort

Star Rating
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5 *****

Located on the western side of the island, this resort is the perfect accessible luxury accommodation. This recently established 5-star hotel on Aegina Island is tailored for adult comfort and relaxation. Offering a convenient escape, it's just a brief ferry ride away from Athens.

Nestled within a lush expanse, the hotel occupies a picturesque coastal setting that is beautifully adorned with green nature. This serene location is the perfect backdrop for relaxation and revitalization, inviting you to connect with nature's tranquility.

The awe-inspiring vistas of the Saronic Gulf and its mesmerizing sunsets are bound to captivate and enchant you, making this resort a haven for those seeking both natural beauty and refined comfort.

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Breakfast

  • Free parking

  • Accessible

  • Outdoor pool

  • Air-conditioned

  • Business center

  • Beach access

  • Restaurant

  • Airport shuttle

  • Hot tub

  • Spa

  • Fitness center

  • Bar

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